The weather and your project

weather photoAs it was pouring rain this morning I realized how important the weather is to any construction project, be it your new home or commercial project, large or small scale.

Let’s focus on your custom residential project.  Time and weather are two components that work in tandem.  Weather can delay a project, and it can also compromise some of the structural elements of your project during the construction process.

Without getting into the weeds about the coefficient of thermal expansion of wood and steel, suffice it to say that the moisture content of wood for example is key in the ultimate strength of the wood.  Imagine a construction process taking much longer than normal.  Your project is sitting out in the elements, unprotected in the framing stage for months.  This can cause mold to form on your unprotected wood framing material, and at worse, weaken the nails holding the frame together.  The nails themselves begin to loosen as the wood expands and contracts going from being wet to dry.  If this happens over and over enough, you may have a problem.

The choice of a contractor is a critical component to the success of your project.  When selecting a builder remember this weather tip and how it relates to time.  Be sure your contractor is organized and on time.  The weather will cause the most delays during any use of concrete.  (Concrete Masonry Walls, or slab)  This is due to the delicate balance of having just the right amount of water in the concrete.  Be sure  your contractor is aware of “time” and can deliver and not delay your project during the framing process specifically.   The bottom line:  Don’t let your project remain in the elements for months on end exposed.  It needs to be wrapped in a moisture retarding material, both the walls, and the roof without excessive delay.