Florida Architect Mark Macco, AIA and the expanding practice a difference a year makes!  Being a Florida Architect within the last several years has been challenging.  Just when we thought the Florida Architecture market was rebounding it would stagnate.  (Knock on wood here)  It finally feels stable, and the world of architecture is now feeling the crunch of deadlines and the new challenges prosperity brings.  Mark Macco Architects now finds itself looking for talent.  But what is out there?  Many talented individuals have already found work, or gave up on the profession entirely.

“Recessions can be cleansing”.  Yes, they can be.  But what is left after the storm?  Do we have the talent necessary to sustain our growth?  Whether you are a Jacksonville Architect, or a Miami Architect,  the issues within our industry have shifted from not having work, to not having the talent to complete the work.

Perhaps a first world problem, but an issue none the less.  One thing is certain, Florida
Architecture firms will gladly deal with the current problems of finding talent over the challenges of finding projects from years past.