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Venturi Tower

Mark Macco designed the Venturi Tower in response to an architecture competition sponsored by eVolo Magazine. The concept of the Venturi Tower is to harness the lateral forces inherent in the physics of the Venturi Effect (named after Giovanni Battista Venturi, an Italian physicist...
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Inspiring Aviation Projects

As a top designer for the Jacksonville Architecture firm Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Mark developed three-dimensional concepts for the Aviation Department using specialized computer software. Mark was a key player in the process of winning new projects for the firm. Through his skill with...
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Designing a Transparent Government

This masterful proposal to improve the U.S. Senate Offices couldn't be more timely. What better way is there to promote flexibility, improve communication, and reinforce the powerful principles of democracy than to fundamentally reconfigure the architecture of Washington's most important buildings? Mark Macco fearlessly...
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City Of Jacksonville Bridge Lighting

Mark Macco was a key member of the design team at Reynold Smith & Hills in Jacksonville, Florida, that developed a sophisticated computer program to illuminate the Main Street Bridge, one of the city's signature bridges crossing the St. Johns River, when Jacksonville hosted...
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