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"If we make the client, concept and the journey the most important elements of our design process, then the outcome will always be an elegant design solution.  This is good practice in life, and in Architecture." Mark Macco, AIA

Mark Macco Jacksonville ArchitectMark Macco, AIA, NCARB, an innovative Architect based in Jacksonville, Florida, has more than two decades of experience designing high-end residential and commercial projects, managing them efficiently from inception to completion. Mark is best known for his passion for perfection, his eye for detail, and his penchant for collaborating with his clients to create memorable and purposeful structures. Mark's expansive portfolio demonstrates his ability to develop varied, custom design solutions. He is equally comfortable creating a modern oceanfront masterpiece, a contemporary office building, or a mixed-use community center. He is one of the premier Jacksonville architects.

Mark takes a holistic approach to design, and he places great emphasis on a purposeful procession through space. He believes in thoughtful repetition of design elements, in intentional points of interest, and the power of precise sight lines, giving the eye a beautiful place to rest at every turn. He uses his design skills to evoke an emotional response, creating spaces that are warm, inviting, and serene. "I make sure all the elements - space, lighting, design and materials - work in harmony to create a total experience" Mark says. "I believe good design should be cohesive, consistent, and coherent."

In addition to his great sense of aesthetics, Mark places enormous emphasis on sustainability and efficiency in all his design projects. Mark stays perfectly on trend with his work and understands profoundly that the essence of good design is a marriage of simplicity and elegance. "Each project is different and that is how I approach my work" Mark says. "But what doesn't change is my devotion to customer service. My job is to listen to my clients, to get to know them and understand how they live and what they need. People want to be heard." It is this client-centric focus that enables Mark to produce dramatic yet purposeful design solutions. "Our philosophy is simple" Mark says. "Satisfy our customers completely - mind, body and soul."

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